L.A. Sheriff’s Department Partners with CBBBS:
Connecting Youth and Law Enforcement 
Through Mentoring



As part of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ national “Bigs in Blue” program, CBBBS’ “Bigs with Badges” initiative is a one-to-one mentoring program that connects youth with local law enforcement. Our goal is to develop strong relationships and rebuild trust between law enforcement and the families that live in the communities they serve. The ultimate goal is to prevent at-risk youth from becoming part of the law enforcement system.


For a few hours, twice a month, you can give a Little the invaluable gift of your friendship and guidance. Activities are determined by each mentoring pair and typically include: museums, movies, going to sports games, playing in the park, hiking, outings for ice cream, help with chores, etc.


Research shows that mentoring helps at-risk youth succeed in school, work, and life. Our mentors (“Bigs”) provide friendship, guidance and a positive role model for our youth mentees (“Littles”). It’s fun, too! Play sports together, go on a hike, eat a pizza with extra anchovies! There are endless activities you can do with your Little.

As a Big, you’ll also have the opportunity to hear first-hand what challenges you Little and the community that you serve are facing, creating a better understanding and slowly changing perceptions on both sides. Our Bigs make a positive, often life-changing impact on their Littles. Just wait and see how your Little enriches your life in return.


With the friendship and positive influence developed through our matches, we’ve seen incredible and long-lasting impact for the future of our Littles. Mentored kids are more likely to stay out of gangs and jail, away from drugs and alcohol, and form positive relationships with adults. Furthermore, 100% of our Littles graduate from high school, and 90% go on to higher education.


Hang out. Change a life. Become a Mentor.



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