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    Mentoring just doesn’t benefit the child; it also enriches the life of the volunteer. Being special in a child’s life, enjoying experiences together through a child’s eye, offering a guiding hand and a caring ear will make a difference in the mentor’s life as well. It’s easy. Anyone can volunteer, man or woman of any faith, background and age.

    “Bigs” are the front line of CBBBS’ work, mentors who stand beside a young person and guide them through some of the choices, challenges and options they face. Research studies have consistently shown that “mentoring helps at-risk youth succeed in school, work, and life.” And while being a Big is indispensable to producing positive outcomes in a child’s life, it also will be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things you will ever do.

    And Bigs don’t have to alter their lives to impact the life of a child. In a few hours, twice a month, our Bigs make a positive, often life-changing impact on a child’s life.


Join us in helping a child in the Los Angeles County area find their full potential and walk into a brighter future by clicking on the link below or contacting us via email or phone.



(213) 251-9800


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    Interested adults and/or parents may make an inquiry online or by phone.

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    All potential Bigs and Littles are interviewed for interests, preferences and needs, and prospective volunteers are given a thorough background check.

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    Attending a volunteer training is required before being matched. Training takes place twice a month and includes program expectations, role of a mentor, stages in mentoring and youth development.

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    Matches are based on geographic proximity, preferences, special interests, strengths and needs in order to make the best match possible.

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    Professional staff conducts monthly follow up with the child, their guardian, and the mentor to monitor and evaluate the pair’s match activity, child safety, relationship development, and progress toward meeting individual goals.

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    Ready to be a Big? Get started today!


Do I need to be Catholic?

No. CBBBS was founded in 1925 by Catholic lay people, but always has worked with and served people of all beliefs and backgrounds.

Is there a program near me?

Yes. While CBBBS serves only Los Angeles County, you may check with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America website for an agency near you.

Will I have enough time?

Yes. As a Big, we ask you for a one-year commitment of a few hours spent with a child twice a month. You can schedule your hours accordingly with simple shared activities, such as washing the car or going to the movies, or the park. It’s not a lot and you will have fun.

Is it expensive to be Big Brother or Big Sister?

No. There are many activities that are free or low-cost, such as riding bikes, going to the beach or visiting a museum, and CBBBS also receives tickets from sports and theater venues that we make available for free to our matches for outings and group activities.

What do I have to offer?

It’s simple really; your friendship is the most valuable thing you have to offer a young person. Our matching process is designed to pair your qualities and strengths with the needs of a child in your community. After you are matched, a team member will be available to provide training, support, help and advice regularly.

Am I the kind of person you need?

If you have the time, the desire and are at a stable place in your life, then absolutely, you would make an ideal Big Brother or Sister for a young person waiting to be matched.

I’m interested, but can I get more information before making a decision?

Yes, please call us at (213) 251-9800 to speak with one of our staff members. You may also fill out the General Inquiry form and a staff member will be happy to follow up with you to answer any questions you have or provide you with additional information.

Are there other ways for me to be involved if I don’t become a Big Brother or Sister?

Yes, there are a variety of different ways you might volunteer with CBBBS. Again, please call us at (213) 251-9800 or complete a General Inquiry for more information on other ways to volunteer with CBBBS.