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    CBBBS is dedicated to improving the lives of children of all beliefs and backgrounds reflecting the diverse fabric of Los Angeles County. The core of our success is our “BIGS and LITTLES” one-to-one mentoring program, with a well-documented record of helping children with making better choices to succeed in school and life, while enhancing the lives of our dedicated volunteers.


Adult mentors, BIGS, are matched with LITTLES, at-risk youth, who meet one-to-one, from four to eight hours per month (at least two times per month) during the course of a minimum one-year period. Specific activities are determined by each mentoring pair and typically include: museums, movies, help with homework, Dodger games, sports, playing in the park, hiking, outings for ice cream, help with chores, etc.


School Based Program In the CBBBS School-Based Mentoring Program, Bigs go to local schools to provide support and encouragement to Littles who have been identified by their teachers and counselors as children who can benefit from a caring mentor. Littles meet their Bigs weekly, during a lunch or afterschool, and engage in activities that nurture the child’s social development and academic performance. When a caring adult is able to spend quality time with their Little, talking, reading, working on personal or education projects, or engaging in sports activities they give the child a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem, as well as the support they need to stay in school.


In the Workplace Mentoring Program, young people are connected to opportunities to learn about various professions and trades. At the same time, generous executives and business people can cultivate a culture of corporate service by opening up their worksite offices and staff (as BIGS) to CBBBS LITTLES. Littles go to the worksite once a month to meet with their Bigs to learn about the organization and participate in a CBBBS facilitated curriculum that encourages academic achievement, life skills and professional development. Bigs and Littles then meet one-to-one with each other for follow-up discussions. If you are interested in donating some time and space for get-togethers, where our Littles can meet with their Bigs and learn more about the business world together, you will find that it will have a lasting impact in the lives of both our Littles, your staff Bigs and the culture of giving at your office.


CBBBS has collaborated with academic and nonprofit institutions to help improve the lives of low-income and at-risk youth including: the First Star UCLA Bruin Guardian Scholars Academy (BGSA) to provide high school foster youth with a four-year college preparatory program, along with one-on-one mentoring support by a caring adult; the Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s Latinas Public Service Academy to provide government and public policy training and instruction to 25 female high school juniors and seniors; and with with the USC Caruso Catholic Center to develop a mentoring partnership among schools in the USC area.


The Junior Partners Program is an indispensable volunteer network of young professionals, 21 years or older, who support CBBBS programs through friend-raisers, fundraisers and volunteer activities. They put together match activities for Bigs and Littles such as sporting events, “Big For A Day” activities, or Bowl-4-Kids’ sakes. In addition, they organize social gatherings and networking opportunities both Bigs and Junior Partners, assist with mentor outreach, recruitment and recognition and The Big Holiday Party at the end of the year.