Mentoring doesn’t just benefit the child – it will enrich your life too. Being special in a child’s life, enjoying experiences together through a child’s eyes, offering a guiding hand and a caring ear will make a difference to you, too.


Please always remember to get parental consent for outings.


AGES 7-8

  • Get a library card
  • Fly a kite on a windy day
  • Take a walk and collect interesting rocks, leaves or other items
  • Feed the ducks at the park
  • Make a present for someone special
  • Play UNO, Crazy 8s, Old Maid or Candyland
  • Play bat mitten or croquet
  • Go for a walk and find interesting local landmarks
  • Have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich picnic
  • Visit a pet store and decide which animal is the oddest pet

AGES 9-10

  • Start a scrapbook with a page for pictures of favorite things
  • Go on a camera scavenger hunt to find odd objects to photograph
  • Make greeting, get well or holiday cards to give to special people
  • Make a bug cage and catch lady bugs, butterflies or beetles together
  • Visit the zoo at feeding time
  • Read a selected book out loud and tape record it
  • Play miniature golf or go bowling
  • Play Monopoly, Life or Sorry
  • Go on a field trip to the museum, focus on one exhibit and discuss it
  • Call ahead and visit a local fire station or police station

AGES 11-13

  • Visit a local museum
  • Look up your state at the library and learn about its biggest cities and major industries
  • Build a bird house and watch for new occupants
  • Rent rollerblades and learn to skate, safely
  • Make a list of people you admire and check out library books about them
  • Take a long ride on public transportation to the end of the line
  • Visit the SPCA and offer to walk the dogs
  • Mow the lawn or wash the car together
  • Visit a farmers market and learn about the origin of the items sold
  • Plan and plant a garden or visit a community garden and offer to help

AGES 14+

  • Check out the classified advertisements and discuss what each job requires for education and experiences
  • Research what happened on the day and year each of you was born
  • Visit a City Hall
  • Visit a fish market, meat market or other place where food is not prepackaged
  • Go to an ethnic restaurant for dinner and find out the favorite dishes or who else is eating there
  • Explore a new radio station together and discuss their target audience and ads
  • Visit a college campus
  • Go to a concert featuring a favorite performer
  • Try mastering something difficult such as juggling, cooking a soufflé or water color painting
  • Watch a professional or semi-professional sporting event


Only matches who have reached their first year are eligible to apply for a home visit. CBBBS’ community-based program promotes low- to no-cost outings in the community to discover and learn through activities outside of the home. CBBBS does not promote or approve frequent home visits. Please complete the following form to submit your request.

Please allow at least a week for the agency to review and contact you with a decision on the request.